The 20 Best WordPress Twitter Feeds to Follow

One of the best ways to pick up or improve a skill is to learn from people who are already experts. Thanks to the internet, it’s especially easy to find and follow these experts. If you are learning WordPress, want to keep up with the industry, or just want to connect with the community, here are 20 Twitter feeds that you should follow intently. [Read more...]

6 Ways to Make People Love Your Brand

6 Ways to Make People Love Your Brand

“People don’t buy things for logical reasons,” Zig Ziglar once famously said. “They buy for emotional reasons.”

Which means: In order to gain customers—and keep them for life—you’ve got to do more than introduce them to your brand, business, or product. You’ve got to make them fall in love with it.

Want to see how it’s done? Check out this infographic. [Read more...]

Why the Buffer Hack Will Make You Question Everything

Convenience is a double-edged sword. When social media networks like Twitter and Facebook allow third-party services to post content on your behalf, you can utilize some pretty handy features, but the security of your social profile is reduced to the security of the third-party service. As shown in the recent Buffer hack, this often leaves users exposed to hackers who can damage your (or your business’s) credibility. Concerned about protecting your brand online? Keep reading. [Read more...]

Jetpack and the Death of Widget Logic

Widgets are an extremely useful way to customize a WordPress theme to your liking. But what if you want to display a widget only on certain pages? Or what if you want to hide a widget on posts in a particular category? For years, the best way to handle fine-grained widget management was with the Widget Logic plugin. But not anymore.

Read on to find out how Automattic‘s Jetpack plugin has taken center stage, precluding the need for its single-use predecessor.
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